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søndag 5. august 2012

Bit of Shanghai and the Group Number 1 (gn1)

Shanghai: The strange, organized city. 

Tea and dumplings in Shanghai
Almost one months since I came back from the big Asia-tour. Now the remembering face is starting, and samples here will give you the chance to follow me on memory lane. 

Sherry Sharing the Sights in Shanghai.  

one of the many cool buildings in Shanghai


Me on our boat: Halong bay

We did not have any mist or unclearness, which is unusual according to our magnificent tour guide, Brett Jones.

Jenna: It was not me! Hanna is trying to figure something out

Too long on the same place Tom? Neven is looking really concerned in the background.

His words lead to him rethinking life

Never forgot how to smile and be happy

No day is complete without complete strangers

After water puppet show. Reserved for hERleg kOS

 Water-chick, my little Gem.

Looking forward to the elephant park in Vientiane, Laos

Happy lady from England

Overexposed at the train station

Finally I have settled down enough to start with importing and fixing the pictures from Asia. There is over 900 of them, plus pictures that the rest of the group took, so it will always just been some selections, preferably from each country and from different activities. Hope you like it, and feel free to comment and give tips to future pictures. Just got a new objective and will maybe buy two more, so a lot of pics will come in the future also.


La vita è bella

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