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mandag 12. august 2013

Little Sister

I am lucky. I have many friends, people I care about and the chance to follow many of my
dreams. I was born first, and had the honor of being the woman in the front line, showing my siblings were it was safe to go, and not. I was the lucky girl who got the possibility to explore unknown terrain, and also got the undivided attention from my parents in 1,5 year before my brother came. I also had the luck of getting a baby sister when I was five. She was really cute and lovely with her soft curls,  and even better: If there had been a "Baby-Mood" price, she would have got it. My family were good at using our video camera at big occasions, and have some heartwarming christmas clips from when my sister was around 4-5. She loved the glittering and exciting wrapping, and was already in happyland by it. The joy was therefore indescribable when she discovered that something was hidden underneath it. She had a pearly, beautiful laughter, that she (strø) over us in glee. It was almost too much for her, and it didn`t matter if the present was a pen or a doll. She was amazed, anyway. 

I love my sister. Five years is enough to awaken my mothering instinct, and I took that very seriously for example when my brother teased me. Since the memories from my childhood are very few, I will focus more on the relationship we`d had in recent years. My sister is still the same little cheerful girl today, as she was earlier, but she can also be in a bad mood, hating me for borrowing her clothes or not pick up my things. She is also
a serious student, reading like she should, but also taking time for friendship, activities and fun. She is not sure what she will "be" when she "grows up" yet, but it doesn`t matter. She does what she loves, and that is always where one should begin. She has studied language and literature, and has the last year been engaged in a student paper. Sometimes that takes time she doesn`t have, but I am so proud of what she has accomplished, that it was time well spent. She has made good friends, and mostly loves her life in the city. 

The last months have unfortunately been far too unsocial for me. I should have been more together with both friends and family, but I have prioritized different, for several reasons. But one of the persons I really would have liked to spend more time with, is my sister. That is not just because she is an amazing young woman, but also because she is a very good friend. Shameful enough, she has always been more level-headed than me, and I often have confided in her when I had another embarrassing story to talk about. Even if she is five years younger than me, she is so WISE. Sometimes I look at her and think: WOW. I just look at her unable to say anything, because I must take in that this
grown-up is actually my little sister. She has the ability to think abstract and talks easily about what Kafka REALLY meant, and what she will vote when election day comes. I had NO interest in this, while at her age, for me paradise hotel was complex enough. Sometimes I want to hug her really hard (and then I start tickling her instead) because she impresses me so much. That this sister actually is related to me, just make me so happy! When I tickle her, put my head on her stomach or do something really strange, she has the same pearly laugh that almost make people fly. 

But of course, she has her vices like everyone else. She loves her piece of chocolate, no matter if its hers or mine. Also like me, she likes to borrow clothes, and I have several times found clothes I just have bought, in her closet several months later. Sometimes she can a be a bit lazy (sorry, sis), and awaken well-hidden irritation, but she IS my sister, and things like that are supposed to happen. One sad thing, is that being a student always leave her with too little money, so she has to fight harder than me for her vacation and be more cautious when choosing what to do, so there has been some things I would love her to join, that she just can`t afford. Being with each at parties, is no problem, at least not the times where I want to go home at the same times as her. She has let me stay in her apartment many times, and trusts me even if I have a bad reputation when it comes to for example keys. We have made several "nachos falafel" together, honoring her vegitarism (that she sometimes drops out of) while watching some tv-show or movie together. We have watched many of the same things, and love sitting under a blanket with a cup of unusual tea warming our fingers. 

My sister has many allergies, and that can be annoying for her in the spring or summer. But she still loves to go out in the park with a book she can read in the sun. We also read a lot of the same books, and can again borrow from each other. It is so nice to have a sister with some of the same interests, same "blood" but with her own mind sometimes completely different from me.

She is growing up to be a independent, lively woman, and I wish her all luck from this day and forward! Happy birthday


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