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fredag 31. januar 2014


#6. Coraline: The Clothes Were Hand-Knitted With Tiny Needles

We know what you're thinking: Of course stop-motion movies put insane effort into detail. Filming those things takes like 20 months, because you have to move each miniature by hand to shoot a single frame at a time, typically finishing an entire day with only a few seconds of the movie actually filmed.
"Well, it took nine days, but we've successfully animated four blinks."
And yes, you're right, 2009's Coraline was no less of a pain in the ass to make, but for many more reasons than just the simple tediousness of frame-by-frame animation. For instance, there's the clothing. Sure, if you wanted a little sweater for the Coraline miniature to wear, you could, oh, go buy some doll clothes ...

"Just glue some stars on a Barbie sweater, there's a cocaine buffet at the craft service table!"
... or you could have the production staff hand-knit each individual stitch in each piece of clothing. And by "production staff" we mean a single person. Althea Crome made every article of clothing you see in the movie, using knitting needles as thin as human hair. You can watch the process if you want, because holy shit.

Someone get this woman the world's smallest violin!

"When we're done filming, this will help some poor gecko survive the winter."
Althea Crome hand-made (fingertip-made?) every last costume change for every last character:
Indiana Public Media
Yes, those are made to fit a doll's goddamned fingers.
She even made undergarments, which generally speaking nobody can see:
Blue, Green, Orange
But it's nice to know those dolls never suffered from the cold.
If for some reason that doesn't blow your mind, consider some of the more extravagantly dressed characters in the film, and realize that one solitary lady sat for hours in a room sewing fucking pockets onto a 10-inch doll's jacket.

But what a jacket

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