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mandag 8. september 2014

An extraordinary summer

This has been an extraordinary summer.

It has been very good, but also bad. How life normally is, in other words, but some of the experiences has been atypical for me. An example would be the interviews I had with some famous people I respect and like. It is strange to talk to people that have been on television or have on my spotify playlist. Soon I will (if I dare) talk with the media about my blog, I just have to do a couple of more interviews first. Quite nervous about it, as I don`t like being in the media, but a bit excited too.

My inspiration
My inspiration 
What I wanted this post to be about, though, is thankfulness. The last year has been full of experiences and lessons to learn. I`ve read, listened, been social and worked. I have worked with many projects I believe in, and all of them have something in common: I want to make a difference in the world. I don`t know why I need too, but I know I feel guilty if I don`t try. Luckily, I`ve met a lot of people with the same dreams as me, and have been encouraged by lots of friends and collagues. Off course there has also been the opposite; People angry with me for speaking up, and making a "fuss". But I try to live with that, as there always will be those who need to criticize and find faults. Not that I don`t have faults, I have many, but I love to learn how to become the person I ultimately want to be. I`ll probably never get there, but that`s okay. I`m not perfect, and have no illusions of getting there either. Why should I? The world would be a strange place if it was "perfect". How could we even appreciate "perfect" if we had not experienced imperfectness? I am glad I have learnt so much, and that I`m still young. I can`t wait to learn even more, and DO even more. I`m so curious about what will drift towards me, and which choices I and others will make in the future. Life is exciting, unpredictable and wonderful. I love it, and all the wonderful people in it.
Thank you, without you I would be nothing.

Beautiful summer
Me and S. Rotevatn, a politician from "Venstre"
Me, Rotevatn and Peder. 


La vita è bella

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