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onsdag 12. november 2014

These boots are made for walking



Some norwegians are born with skis on their feet, but not me. I partly blame it on my German heritage, but also on my personality. I was never one to do what everyone else did, and I`m still a snow-rebel. From what I`ve heard (like today, when my colleague watched my face  in fascination as it contorted in every possible grimace after eating my pomegranate, which is almost impossible for me due to my tryphophobia ) I`m still far away from the circle of normality, but I honestly don`t mind.The earth is now dangerously close to overpopulation, so normality will be the last thing on our minds in the future. There are probably so many versions of weird right now that we should sing hallelujah every day the sun rises again.

Not that I`m worried: More people means more ideas that can save us. But back to my lack of enthusiasm of ski and snow and mountains (I`ve always liked the sea most. Mountains are beautiful, but slightly "Look How BIG i AMish").

I was never comfortable with skiing, but I do like my boots and heels. I can`t travel without them, and I also buy new ones abroad. My boots are never ordinary, and they are always handmade. They are sewn with love, compassion and faith and never wear out. They stop in cities of broken promises, walk over broken bridges and jump into rivers of peril. No matter how wet they get, or how fast I run, they keep my feet comfortable and ready for new adventures.

 I, like most people, love to travel. I have been in many countries, but I`m the most satisfied traveller when I sit in my office or with a friend and listen to their story. When I walk in their shoes, the true journey begins. I soon realized its not the miles we walk, or where we go, that matters. It`s the journey.

 Last year I was in London. I walked together with a friend of me, who also went to the same Kilroy group-trip as me. When walking the streets of London, I almost had to run to catch up with him, and I commented on this every now and again (he probably listened just to keep my mouth shut). Some weeks later he told me he now walked differently than before. He actually looked around when heading from A to C, and a month later he quit his job, went travelling, and found the love of his life. My life has also been a trip, although not always pleasant. But I don`t mind, since I got my boots, and I`ve never been surer: These boots are made for walking.


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